We are not any one individual but a collaborative effort where each member of our team brings their own unique set of skills, talents and areas of expertise. 
Together we are MAE


Jok Ang, PE, SE


Jok started his engineering career after graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After obtaining his professional licenses, he held a Project Management position involved in structural engineering design for unique structures. Both inside and outside of the company, he has built a reputation of developing simple and creative solutions to engineering problems. Solving complex engineering issues with straightforward solutions became his motto.

He prides his engineering team in designing structures with simple and creative solutions while maintaining strong relationships with clients. His engineering solutions are known to integrate other non-engineering concerns to help achieve overall project goals.

Gary M. Froehlich, PE


Gary brings more than 35 years of structural and civil engineering experience. He started his career as a draftsman/surveyor assistant, and later as an engineering technician, before earning a degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University. Upon graduation, Gary joined our team, first working as a team member at Mortier Engineering, and later, joining Ang Engineering Group.

During the course of his career, Gary Froehlich has been involved in all aspects of structural and civil engineering, including upgrading of historic buildings, seismic retrofitting of commercial and institutional buildings, sanitary sewer and storm drainage.

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Morgan S. Johnson

Designer I

A 2017 graduate of Lane Community College’s drafting program. Morgan brings with him a background in custom cabinetry, woodworking and a passion for design. Beginning with small residential projects he has progressed to lead designer on a number of large scale commercial projects including the all new Kendall Subaru dealership and service center.

Born and raised in Seaside Oregon, Morgan has a deep appreciation for the ocean and the natural world. Outside of the office you’ll find him in the woodshop “making sawdust.” 

Favorite Quote:

everything in nature contains all the powers of nature”                                     

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Romina A. Rodriguez

Architectural Intern

Romina, a recent 2020 graduate of the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Through the long-spent nights and packed studio scheduled school days, Romina found her drive and purpose in the competitive architecture program. The program has well-equipped Romina with the tools and knowledge to design well developed and sustainable buildings.

Born in Lima, Peru Romina was raised by her parents in the small town of Albany, Oregon with the help of affordable housing projects and developments. Romina is passionate in finding sustainable resources in design and enhancing environments where people live and interact. While working with MAE she has participated in design meetings during initial and later stages and created compelling graphics that balance strong aesthetics with clear functionality, for rendering purposes. Outside of the office, you will find her enjoying late night longboarding sessions or planning her next adventure into other countries or nearby states.

Favorite Quote:

“I don’t know why people hire architects and then tell them what to do.”

-Frank Gehry

Nick Tracewell

Designer III

Nick started his journey with MAE as a drafting intern through Lane Community College. Drawing on his summers as a residential framing and finish carpenter Nick excelled quickly to become an accomplished drafter.

Now a 2020 graduate from LCC, Nick has advanced from drafting small roof replacement projects to developing plans for multiple large-scale commercial projects including a 55,000 SF dealership.

Nick was born and raised in Oregon and has a strong love for the outdoors. While not at work, Nick enjoys camping and traveling to the Oregon Coast Dunes to ride his quad.

Favorite Quote:

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

-John Lennon