Our experts have experience of working on civil engineering projects across a range of sectors. We understand the complexity and timeline required to support clients throughout the project life cycle, including entitlements, permits and project close-out.


Our comprehensive suite of fire protection engineering services includes code-and performance-based design, and we help our clients establish fire-safety goals that can be used to demonstrate regulatory compliance.


Mortier Ang Engineers has been providing structural engineering services to clients in the Pacific Northwest and throughout North America since 1973. We strive to understand the goals and priorities of each project.


Mortier Ang Engineers is a Certified Member of the Investigative Engineers Association and is qualified to provide services to investigate, document, test and secure property/evidence.

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We take pride in our ability to satisfy the needs of the architects, designers and builders. Our goal is to assist our clients by creating structures that are efficient, practical and enduring.

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